Manage packages with yum behind proxy

Today I tried to update a student’s Fedora Core 13 PC and install netbeans via yum at Anna University, Trichy, Where we are doing IP Tele project. But yum fails to retrieve packages from repository. Soon I found the PC is behind a proxy [Squid]. So I did some search over Google and found the below which may be useful to you at times.

Yum try to access the network repositories by using HTTP1.0 protocol by default. The squid we use can provide the HTTP1.0 proxy. So configuring yum to pass through the squid as follows worked.

To configure to a single user.

If you are not a Super user and wants to use yum then set an environment variable http_proxy to direct the yum to use the proxy. You can also set ftp_proxy, socks_proxy variable to use the yum with it. The value for the http proxy is like this http://user:password@host:3128

export http_proxy=”http://karthik:karthik123@″

This will work to the current user only. If you sudo then the proxy setting will be lost.

To configure globally

To configure the yum to use the proxy server login into super user account and edit yum.conf


Then enter the following information.

#Proxy Server address

# Username and password if provided to your server


Download Torrents using

In the world of web2.0 everything was started to available through internet. Even desktop applications are started to available on websites eg.eyeos. Now the famous are incredible torrent protocol’s client also started to available on website. The transmission’s web client is given to public access. In the following tutorial I will explain the use of website and dropbox to add torrent from your very own PC.

When I was in college, I found its tough to download using torrents. As I was staying in college hostel, I had to use the public internet service provided by college administration. I wanted to download some kind of  [legal] content available via torrent. Eg. Some distros, Big Buck Bunny. I am impressed with the technology of torrents too. But My college was using a Linux server with Squid Proxy server. They were just blocking some sites using an ACL like
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