Promosing technologies of Networking industry :: OpenFlow

OpenFlow : Defined
A programmable network flow control protocol that enables software defined networking. That means users can define, direct and manage flows and traffic paths through the network of multi-vendor products. This adds a new layer and separates the OS from hardware. So regardless of what hardware you are using OpenFlow can define program for network flows and paths.

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Finished Power Searching with Google (MOOC), September edition

Finished Power Searching with Google, September edition last week. Honestly I didn’t know about power searching at first edition. Fortunately came to know about the course just before second edition. Course was good, immediately impacted my search skills. Actually passed a exam e-learning exam at last minute with my search skills. :-p

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New Product Launches :: Cisco Unified Wireless Network

This week Cisco has added four new products to its Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) Portfolio.

  • Cisco 8500 series WLC
  • Cisco Virtual WLC
  • Cisco 2600 series AP
  • Cisco 1600 series AP

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