MBA exams on the way

As my MBA exams are on the way I am taking one month study leave from Blogging (February ’13). Don’t worry my dear blogging. I will be back soon.


Future of Video transmission H.265(HVEC) approved

H.265 With the explosion of Big screen or at least lengthy screen, consumers has started to give importance to video in their smartphones. Me, do have very less time (busy bee :-p) to see good movies which are recommended by my friends. I used to see it on my smartphone while on travel/waiting to meet someone etc. But the problem with this is videos occupy a lot of space. A movie can occupy significant space in your mobile device. Especially if its a Full-HD(1080p) movie your mobile device’s 4GB is occupied.
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Cisco is going away from consumer maket by selling its Linksys unit to Belkin

The Much awaited Sale of Linksys is now happening. Thursday January 24 2013, Belkin announced its intent to acquire Cisco’s Home business unit, Linksys.  Cisco has confirmed this announcement in its blog that company is pleased to preserve Linksys business and create a win-win relationship. Hilton Romanski, Cisco’s VP of Corporate Business Development, said “Linksys has long been an important member of the Cisco family and we are confident that we have found the best buyer in Belkin.”
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OpenArena for Raspberry Pi

I still remember the Good old days of LAN parties at our college life. In MIT, at Carte-Blanche event, which is promoted by FOSS (Foundation of Open Source Software) we used to play OpenArena, a Open source game based on popular ID Software’s Gaming engine Tech3. It runs on ioquake3 which is a fork of Tech3, by removing all commercial chunks of data and created as open source completely. I was introduced to Quake at its version 3 arcade edition when I was in school. At college after started to learn Linux, entered into Linux gaming with AA3 on steam(used as open source alternate for Counterstrike) and OpenArena (alternate for quake3 arena). Continue reading

Cool tool to get a clear and quick understanding of Cisco commands

Cisco Output interpreter

Cisco Output interpreter

How many times have you been confused by Cisco command output? Have you ever mis-interpreted any information and ran into problems? Have been frustrated about cluttered output of cisco command output in CLI? Ever complained to friends and fellow engineers about clear output format like what other vendors do with web interface. Well most of engineers do. But if you get used to do with CLI commands then its easier for you.For newbie there is a small need. Continue reading

Registration open for Facebook Hacker cup

Third installment of Facebook Hacker Cup is ready. Registrations are open for the much more anticipated challenging event.

Facebook Hacker CupFor those who dont know what is Facebook Hacker Cup “Facebook Hacker Cup is an international programming competition hosted and administered by Facebook. The competition began in 2011 as a means to identify top engineering talent for potential employment at Facebook. The competition consists of a set of algorithmic problems which must be solved in a fixed amount of time. Competitors may use any programming language and development environment to obtain their solutions.” –

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Kickstart Your e-business with clone scripts immediately

You may be aware of website which provides alternative programs and softwares to your favorite softwares. Here is another site but its not for consumers but for entrepreneurs who are starting business.

Script is a script directory site makes available free resource of useful clone scripts to help people develop websites as per their preferred online portal.

When you want to start a business like Facebook you can definitely visit here and get to know about a software that provides almost same functionality of Facebook. One example I have tried is “Kootali” which I tried to one of my client’s project. Its a facebook clone script developed by Agriya infoway. Surprisingly the developer was from Chennai, where I live currently.
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iPad fallen from 100,000+ feet and survives

I have seen a lot of iPad, iPhone fall test videos. Recently I have seen a different falltest video about a iPad cover case named as G-Form Extreme. They have employed a big level iPad fall, where iPad fallen from 100,000+ feet height (But with a iPad case). See below the youtube link for it .
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