Cool tool to get a clear and quick understanding of Cisco commands

Cisco Output interpreter

Cisco Output interpreter

How many times have you been confused by Cisco command output? Have you ever mis-interpreted any information and ran into problems? Have been frustrated about cluttered output of cisco command output in CLI? Ever complained to friends and fellow engineers about clear output format like what other vendors do with web interface. Well most of engineers do. But if you get used to do with CLI commands then its easier for you.For newbie there is a small need. Why Cisco Output interpreter

A Newbie want to understand what the output means and what values says what. Cisco do have a tool do that. If you have a command output can use this tool to get a good understanding of it and troubleshoot or install accordingly. Its called Cisco Output interpreter tool.

How to access it

Earlier Cisco asked us to mail to to interpret only sh diag output. But this doesn’t work anymore. Now access the tool online by clicking link

The current tool support a lot of commands

Click here for list of supported commands :

How to use it.

  • State your problem first. If you are troubleshooting you need to know what command you need to use. For that use this tool Problem to Command Mappings.
  • Execute the appropriate command and get the output.
  • In the given link, there will be two inputs 1. Rich text box (To paste command output) 2. File upload form ( to upload big command output as file) Select options based on your data size. For more than 2MB data select File upload option. But that too will work only upto 4MB. Typically that will not be exceeded.
Cisco Output interpreter tool

Cisco Output interpreter tool

  • Press submit and wait for the output
  • The output provides the information by types Error, Warnings, Status Information and References for that. It will suggest new IOS updates, ACL security issues etc., All the information provided by IOS commands are presented as readable format here.
Output Types

Output Types

  • You can mail your output to yourself.
Send Email to yourself

Send Email to yourself

For me, from Presales perspective I use this tool for the following purposes

  • When quoting service renewals to a device that was not sold by us, I ll get sh diag and sh inv from customer, use this tool to get product numbers. (There is an another easy way to do that-command “sh diag | inc FRU” will give you all P/Ns)
  • When installing PoC, use this tool to explain command outputs to not-so-techie customers or any junior engineers.
  • If you know any new usages for this tool let me know by comments.

Just keep in mind there is a cool tool called Cisco interpreter tool. It may need at anytime to rescue and help you to save a lot of time.


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