LinkedIn Top 5%

Today received a mail from LinkedIn saying I have one of top 5% most viewed profile in 2012.

Well, It made me special and feeling good. One hell of a customer satisfaction technique. I haven’t reached Top 1% but top 5th percentile is itself huge. Lets do a small math. LinkedIn has 200 million users. So I am one of the top 10 million users. To emphasize this, LI sent a infographic along with each mail that speaks these math and stats.
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How to create dial patterns for India

This post is related to Asterisk and Elastix, An open source telephony software developed by Mark Spencer.

What is a Dial Pattern?

The pattern and numbers used by a phone user to dial out and reach a number is called Dial patterns. This is used by PBX to re-route towards any route is known as Dial Pattern. Alphanumeric and special characters are used as matching patterns in dial patterns. Writing Dial pattern is an essential thing for any PBX design. One must plan carefully afore to avoid drastic changes that may case a lot of confusions.

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