About Me

Wait to know about me.

Update :

Thanks for waiting. I would like to tell me something about me now.

Hi all, I am Karthikeyan. From India. I born at Jan 13 of 1987 and had Bachelor of Technology from Anna University. Had my education at Tagore Engineering College, Chennai. I live in Chennai and Coimbatore. I travel between these cities a lot. I had my school studies at Salem. My Native is Bhavani.

I work for Accel Frontline Ltd, as a Pre Sales Executive. I am a Information Technology Graduate, who works as a technology consultant for IT projects that AFL handles. I prepare technical implementation guides, Scope of works, Proof of concepts etc. I worked as a Post Sales Engineer AKA Network Engineer at Unity Electro Systems and Netcon Technologies, both at Coimbatore. There I worked for implementation projects in Routing and Switching, Unified Communications etc. If you don’t know these terms don’t worry. I will be covering those terms in my blog. I am a Network and Linux engineer too. So My topic may cover Linux too. Most of the projects I have handled included bit of coding too. PHP and Perl mostly. I was a Freelance web designer, at my college days. Those ll come in topics.

So Pl wait for more.

Here are the Links to know about me.

Linked In – http://in.linkedin.com/in/indhradhanush

twitter – http://twitter.com/indhradhnaush

Facebook – http://facebook.com/indhradhnaush

Pintrest – http://pinterest.com/indhradhnaush


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