iPad fallen from 100,000+ feet and survives

I have seen a lot of iPad, iPhone fall test videos. Recently I have seen a different falltest video about a iPad cover case named as G-Form Extreme. They have employed a big level iPad fall, where iPad fallen from 100,000+ feet height (But with a iPad case). See below the youtube link for it .
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iPad is NOW Etch A Sketch

When Steve Jobs introduced first iPad to the world, Critics said it’s just a costly Etch A Sketch. But iPad has proved its efficiency. But now (Not now, relatively now) a new iPad case has been introduced by many vendors, that makes those critics quote true (At least look-wise). ThinkGeek, Headcase, Etcher etc., Basically it looks like buy a Etch A Sketch, dig it down and punch some holes and make it compatible with iPad. Some vendors tell a story that if iPad looks like a Etch A Sketch, then thieves will assume that its just a real Etch A Sketch and ignore it. Not every thief is a ignorant. What ever it is. It can be one of your iPad case. ThinkGeek has come out with a new iPhone case also.

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