Warren is in the house – Twitter

Warren Buffet, often dubbed as Oracle of Omaha is on twitter now. His handle isĀ @warrenbuffer. After posting his first Tweet, he joked to an interview as “Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

We all know Warren don’t have big idea about technology or investing in tech companies. Now he eyeing on new tech and starting at twitter. Lets see.


Kickstart Your e-business with clone scripts immediately

You may be aware of alternative.to website which provides alternative programs and softwares to your favorite softwares. Here is another site but its not for consumers but for entrepreneurs who are starting business.

Script cloneCloneScripts.com is a script directory site makes available free resource of useful clone scripts to help people develop websites as per their preferred online portal.

When you want to start a business like Facebook you can definitely visit here and get to know about a software that provides almost same functionality of Facebook. One example I have tried is “Kootali” which I tried to one of my client’s project. Its a facebook clone script developed by Agriya infoway. Surprisingly the developer was from Chennai, where I live currently.
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