Adopt technology or Not : Idea for Argument

Adopting Technolgoy

Last week, at my MBA classes we had a debate topic “Should we adopt modern technology into business”. Just in time xkcd appeared with new comic that can suit to any technology. “White Hat” here giving insight sounding like profound although there is no actual insight, which causes cueball to rethink about the technology and adoption of it into our lives. The sentence is brilliantly constructed in a way that cueball will fill in the missing insights and trigger the reservations about technology. Its useful for any technology debate topic that you participate. What ever the technology may be.


OpenArena for Raspberry Pi

I still remember the Good old days of LAN parties at our college life. In MIT, at Carte-Blanche event, which is promoted by FOSS (Foundation of Open Source Software) we used to play OpenArena, a Open source game based on popular ID Software’s Gaming engine Tech3. It runs on ioquake3 which is a fork of Tech3, by removing all commercial chunks of data and created as open source completely. I was introduced to Quake at its version 3 arcade edition when I was in school. At college after started to learn Linux, entered into Linux gaming with AA3 on steam(used as open source alternate for Counterstrike) and OpenArena (alternate for quake3 arena). Continue reading

iPad fallen from 100,000+ feet and survives

I have seen a lot of iPad, iPhone fall test videos. Recently I have seen a different falltest video about a iPad cover case named as G-Form Extreme. They have employed a big level iPad fall, where iPad fallen from 100,000+ feet height (But with a iPad case). See below the youtube link for it .
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IEEE 802.11ac specification and Market trends

IEEE 802.11ac Specification and Standards for High Speed wireless

Wifi Alliance

IEEE 802.11ac Task group is in development of Higher throughput rates on 5Ghz band than what now 802.11n achieves now. This is currently under Draft 3.0 [As of First week of August 2012] and expected to matured and ratified out by this year end and would become a common standard somewhere around 2016.
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iPad is NOW Etch A Sketch

When Steve Jobs introduced first iPad to the world, Critics said it’s just a costly Etch A Sketch. But iPad has proved its efficiency. But now (Not now, relatively now) a new iPad case has been introduced by many vendors, that makes those critics quote true (At least look-wise). ThinkGeek, Headcase, Etcher etc., Basically it looks like buy a Etch A Sketch, dig it down and punch some holes and make it compatible with iPad. Some vendors tell a story that if iPad looks like a Etch A Sketch, then thieves will assume that its just a real Etch A Sketch and ignore it. Not every thief is a ignorant. What ever it is. It can be one of your iPad case. ThinkGeek has come out with a new iPhone case also.

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ChargeCard – Never worry about Dead iPhone or Android again

How many of you love your iPhone or Android but hate its Battery issues. So if there is a problem, there must be a solution, right. Atleast a nearby solution. We already have a small solution. Carry a USB Cable. But the problem with USB cables are they are messy and tough to carry when you don’t carry a bag [This is For men :)].

A new project showcased in Kickstarter, ChargeCard provides a solution, A flexible USB card. They have proposed a solution by designing card based USB charger, that you can charge where ever you get an USB port. The USB card is flexible and 0.1 inches thick, so fits into your wallet easily. (About three credit cards size). We are already using USB Card Flash storage of this size. So its not a tough one.
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