Windows 8 End user training brochure

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Six Months after the Launch of Windows 8 Consumer version, Microsoft has released End user training document for Windows 8. May be Steven Sinofsky thought windows 8 users don’t want a end user manual. But Launch of third party apps like Classic shell, Pokki, IOBitStart8, which is a software to bring back classy start menu back to your windows 8 installation or Boot2Desktop may have melted Microsoft’s vision. MS has started to understand its not good for company to remove much expected features in Windows 8 and of course every software needs a README.DOC (Even Windows 1.1 had it)

This can be downloaded online, Link given below. Its in PDF format, you need a PDF reader to read this (Windows 8 comes with a “Reader” inbuilt)
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How to open files with unknown extensions?

Yesterday I was searching for a way to open a new file format that my new by Windows 8 Release Preview don’t understand. Most of you may have come across that situation. In this blog entry I am going to list the various ways to find out a software that can open unknown  file extension.

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Windows 7 Users : Upgrade to Windows 8 at discounted price

Microsoft has already geared up to release Windows 8 on October 26. On May, shortly after “Windows 8 Release Preview”  they have announced there will be a upgrade offer help transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Microsoft announced an Upgrade offer  for Windows 7 users at  way back at 02 July 2012.

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