Cisco Catalyst 2960-X/2960-XR

This week Cisco Systems Inc, unveiled a new series of switches in its catalyst 2000 line.

Cisco Catalyst 2960X/XR Series Switches

Cisco 2960-X series switches is upgraded version of 2960S series switches are also stackable Gigabit Ethernet switches.  It is equipped with “Flexstack Plus”, a doubled version of Flexstack. Catalyst 2960X supports upto 8 switches in a stack (Only 4 in Flexstack) and 384 ports (48 Ports x 8 switches). Stacking bandwidth is also upgraded to 80 Gbps and Convergence is reduced to 100 milli seconds.
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Windows 8 End user training brochure

Windows 8 Logo

Six Months after the Launch of Windows 8 Consumer version, Microsoft has released End user training document for Windows 8. May be Steven Sinofsky thought windows 8 users don’t want a end user manual. But Launch of third party apps like Classic shell, Pokki, IOBitStart8, which is a software to bring back classy start menu back to your windows 8 installation or Boot2Desktop may have melted Microsoft’s vision. MS has started to understand its not good for company to remove much expected features in Windows 8 and of course every software needs a README.DOC (Even Windows 1.1 had it)

This can be downloaded online, Link given below. Its in PDF format, you need a PDF reader to read this (Windows 8 comes with a “Reader” inbuilt)
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Adopt technology or Not : Idea for Argument

Adopting Technolgoy

Last week, at my MBA classes we had a debate topic “Should we adopt modern technology into business”. Just in time xkcd appeared with new comic that can suit to any technology. “White Hat” here giving insight sounding like profound although there is no actual insight, which causes cueball to rethink about the technology and adoption of it into our lives. The sentence is brilliantly constructed in a way that cueball will fill in the missing insights and trigger the reservations about technology. Its useful for any technology debate topic that you participate. What ever the technology may be.

Warren is in the house – Twitter

Warren Buffet, often dubbed as Oracle of Omaha is on twitter now. His handle is @warrenbuffer. After posting his first Tweet, he joked to an interview as “Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

We all know Warren don’t have big idea about technology or investing in tech companies. Now he eyeing on new tech and starting at twitter. Lets see.

LinkedIn Top 5%

Today received a mail from LinkedIn saying I have one of top 5% most viewed profile in 2012.

Well, It made me special and feeling good. One hell of a customer satisfaction technique. I haven’t reached Top 1% but top 5th percentile is itself huge. Lets do a small math. LinkedIn has 200 million users. So I am one of the top 10 million users. To emphasize this, LI sent a infographic along with each mail that speaks these math and stats.
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Future of Video transmission H.265(HVEC) approved

H.265 With the explosion of Big screen or at least lengthy screen, consumers has started to give importance to video in their smartphones. Me, do have very less time (busy bee :-p) to see good movies which are recommended by my friends. I used to see it on my smartphone while on travel/waiting to meet someone etc. But the problem with this is videos occupy a lot of space. A movie can occupy significant space in your mobile device. Especially if its a Full-HD(1080p) movie your mobile device’s 4GB is occupied.
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OpenArena for Raspberry Pi

I still remember the Good old days of LAN parties at our college life. In MIT, at Carte-Blanche event, which is promoted by FOSS (Foundation of Open Source Software) we used to play OpenArena, a Open source game based on popular ID Software’s Gaming engine Tech3. It runs on ioquake3 which is a fork of Tech3, by removing all commercial chunks of data and created as open source completely. I was introduced to Quake at its version 3 arcade edition when I was in school. At college after started to learn Linux, entered into Linux gaming with AA3 on steam(used as open source alternate for Counterstrike) and OpenArena (alternate for quake3 arena). Continue reading

Kickstart Your e-business with clone scripts immediately

You may be aware of website which provides alternative programs and softwares to your favorite softwares. Here is another site but its not for consumers but for entrepreneurs who are starting business.

Script is a script directory site makes available free resource of useful clone scripts to help people develop websites as per their preferred online portal.

When you want to start a business like Facebook you can definitely visit here and get to know about a software that provides almost same functionality of Facebook. One example I have tried is “Kootali” which I tried to one of my client’s project. Its a facebook clone script developed by Agriya infoway. Surprisingly the developer was from Chennai, where I live currently.
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Promosing technologies of Networking industry :: OpenFlow

OpenFlow : Defined
A programmable network flow control protocol that enables software defined networking. That means users can define, direct and manage flows and traffic paths through the network of multi-vendor products. This adds a new layer and separates the OS from hardware. So regardless of what hardware you are using OpenFlow can define program for network flows and paths.

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New Product Launches :: Cisco Unified Wireless Network

This week Cisco has added four new products to its Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) Portfolio.

  • Cisco 8500 series WLC
  • Cisco Virtual WLC
  • Cisco 2600 series AP
  • Cisco 1600 series AP

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