OpenArena for Raspberry Pi

I still remember the Good old days of LAN parties at our college life. In MIT, at Carte-Blanche event, which is promoted by FOSS (Foundation of Open Source Software) we used to play OpenArena, a Open source game based on popular ID Software’s Gaming engine Tech3. It runs on ioquake3 which is a fork of Tech3, by removing all commercial chunks of data and created as open source completely. I was introduced to Quake at its version 3 arcade edition when I was in school. At college after started to learn Linux, entered into Linux gaming with AA3 on steam(used as open source alternate for Counterstrike) and OpenArena (alternate for quake3 arena). Continue reading


How to open files with unknown extensions?

Yesterday I was searching for a way to open a new file format that my new by Windows 8 Release Preview don’t understand. Most of you may have come across that situation. In this blog entry I am going to list the various ways to find out a software that can open unknown  file extension.

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10 Essential tools for monitoring MySQL

MySQL is a open source Database supported by SUN microsystems. All the tools, it provides a lot of tools to monitor and troubleshoot, may not suit to everyone. It may become useless or very useful based on the requirements of the MySQL administrator. A Admin may require remote administration via web or desktop tool. Apart from default tools provided by MySQL from SUN, there are many other tools available in MySQL community. Here I provide a list of tools that may be useful for a MySQL administrator.
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