Adopt technology or Not : Idea for Argument

Adopting Technolgoy

Last week, at my MBA classes we had a debate topic “Should we adopt modern technology into business”. Just in time xkcd appeared with new comic that can suit to any technology. “White Hat” here giving insight sounding like profound although there is no actual insight, which causes cueball to rethink about the technology and adoption of it into our lives. The sentence is brilliantly constructed in a way that cueball will fill in the missing insights and trigger the reservations about technology. Its useful for any technology debate topic that you participate. What ever the technology may be.


Future of Video transmission H.265(HVEC) approved

H.265 With the explosion of Big screen or at least lengthy screen, consumers has started to give importance to video in their smartphones. Me, do have very less time (busy bee :-p) to see good movies which are recommended by my friends. I used to see it on my smartphone while on travel/waiting to meet someone etc. But the problem with this is videos occupy a lot of space. A movie can occupy significant space in your mobile device. Especially if its a Full-HD(1080p) movie your mobile device’s 4GB is occupied.
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Cool tool to get a clear and quick understanding of Cisco commands

Cisco Output interpreter

Cisco Output interpreter

How many times have you been confused by Cisco command output? Have you ever mis-interpreted any information and ran into problems? Have been frustrated about cluttered output of cisco command output in CLI? Ever complained to friends and fellow engineers about clear output format like what other vendors do with web interface. Well most of engineers do. But if you get used to do with CLI commands then its easier for you.For newbie there is a small need. Continue reading

Finished Power Searching with Google (MOOC), September edition

Finished Power Searching with Google, September edition last week. Honestly I didn’t know about power searching at first edition. Fortunately came to know about the course just before second edition. Course was good, immediately impacted my search skills. Actually passed a exam e-learning exam at last minute with my search skills. :-p

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How to open files with unknown extensions?

Yesterday I was searching for a way to open a new file format that my new by Windows 8 Release Preview don’t understand. Most of you may have come across that situation. In this blog entry I am going to list the various ways to find out a software that can open unknown  file extension.

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ChargeCard – Never worry about Dead iPhone or Android again

How many of you love your iPhone or Android but hate its Battery issues. So if there is a problem, there must be a solution, right. Atleast a nearby solution. We already have a small solution. Carry a USB Cable. But the problem with USB cables are they are messy and tough to carry when you don’t carry a bag [This is For men :)].

A new project showcased in Kickstarter, ChargeCard provides a solution, A flexible USB card. They have proposed a solution by designing card based USB charger, that you can charge where ever you get an USB port. The USB card is flexible and 0.1 inches thick, so fits into your wallet easily. (About three credit cards size). We are already using USB Card Flash storage of this size. So its not a tough one.
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Excel How to combine text from two cells into one

I work for IT tenders, where customers float RFPs with compliance that should be checked against the products we are positioning. The first problem we encounter is the RFPs are in PDF format and not editable. So we need to create same alike in excel sheet and fill it up. Tedious process. Of course PDF to excel convertors are available. But the problem with some convertors they read and write the data, keeping the formatting the same like in PDF rather than storing based on text flow. The result will be a painful. One single line will be stored as three or four lines in excel sheet. See image.

What should one do in this situation, copy all the below line content and append with first line? What if it’s a 4 or 5 line broken into? There comes problem. You cannot do “Merge and Center”, as it merge all cells and store only first cell’s content.
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Useful Privacy tips for FB users Series – Tip1

Face book Privacy issues always be in news. Some times its heating up whenever FB Changes the settings, made mistakes, affected by bugs etc., Its always a big headache for us (FB users) to protect our privacy and secure our data. The following is a small tip about protecting our name being tagged over other’s images. Of course FB is changing the privacy settings everyday, these will be changing and I will post some more tips. So I decided to write it as a series that is going to give you more tips.


Tip 1 – How to control tagging by someone else
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How to change your Display Name and Group Name in IPMsg

In my Company, Accel Frontline Ltd, we are still using peer to peer instant messaging application, IP Messenger. It has been so long time I used IPMsg, as in my earlier company(Netcon) I used XMPP based IM services there. ( I planned and executed there). So when I came into AFL, I found its like I entered in to stone age. :-p Reason why Peer to Peer messaging platform is not suitable as company wide IM platform is explained here.

So to stick to the topic, How to change Display Name and Group name in IP Messenger. It is very simple, as it can be changed via settings of the IPMsg. But some people says that it can be changed only by changing the username of windows OS. See the following steps
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