MBA exams on the way

As my MBA exams are on the way I am taking one month study leave from Blogging (February ’13). Don’t worry my dear blogging. I will be back soon.



When configuring bill of materials, some times ago, in Cisco’s Nextgen configuration tool available in commerce workspace, I found a new fiber modules in the option list. Tried to investigate what are those and that leads to the below findings.
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ChargeCard – Never worry about Dead iPhone or Android again

How many of you love your iPhone or Android but hate its Battery issues. So if there is a problem, there must be a solution, right. Atleast a nearby solution. We already have a small solution. Carry a USB Cable. But the problem with USB cables are they are messy and tough to carry when you don’t carry a bag [This is For men :)].

A new project showcased in Kickstarter, ChargeCard provides a solution, A flexible USB card. They have proposed a solution by designing card based USB charger, that you can charge where ever you get an USB port. The USB card is flexible and 0.1 inches thick, so fits into your wallet easily. (About three credit cards size). We are already using USB Card Flash storage of this size. So its not a tough one.
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Useful Privacy tips for FB users Series – Tip1

Face book Privacy issues always be in news. Some times its heating up whenever FB Changes the settings, made mistakes, affected by bugs etc., Its always a big headache for us (FB users) to protect our privacy and secure our data. The following is a small tip about protecting our name being tagged over other’s images. Of course FB is changing the privacy settings everyday, these will be changing and I will post some more tips. So I decided to write it as a series that is going to give you more tips.


Tip 1 – How to control tagging by someone else
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How to change your Display Name and Group Name in IPMsg

In my Company, Accel Frontline Ltd, we are still using peer to peer instant messaging application, IP Messenger. It has been so long time I used IPMsg, as in my earlier company(Netcon) I used XMPP based IM services there. ( I planned and executed there). So when I came into AFL, I found its like I entered in to stone age. :-p Reason why Peer to Peer messaging platform is not suitable as company wide IM platform is explained here.

So to stick to the topic, How to change Display Name and Group name in IP Messenger. It is very simple, as it can be changed via settings of the IPMsg. But some people says that it can be changed only by changing the username of windows OS. See the following steps
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Hello world!

Hi guys. This is my first post.

I have decided to blog from today. “Why should I blog?” Till today I was asking this question again and again. I got the following answers.

  • Just to let people following you know what have you learn.
  • Share your experience.
  • To make money online.
  • To accenture my business.
  • Help people by teaching at free time.
  • Show others about my intelligence.

What if I planned just to let people following me know what have I learn? I will slacken after days. I will start to think that people doesn’t like to learn probably :-p

WIF : To share my experience. People will get sore with my lecturers and feel boring. Besides I’m not a good story writer.
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