8 important limitations of IEEE802.11ac specification

This is a followup post for “IEEE 802.11ac specification and Market trends“.

Everyother new technology has new advantages and new limitation. Here I have listed the limitations of IEEE 802.11ac, new entrant in the wireless technology often called as 5G.

The following are the limitation of IEEE 802.11ac specification.

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New Product Launches :: Cisco Unified Wireless Network

This week Cisco has added four new products to its Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) Portfolio.

  • Cisco 8500 series WLC
  • Cisco Virtual WLC
  • Cisco 2600 series AP
  • Cisco 1600 series AP

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Guest access and Captive portal

Recently I consulted for a wireless case at a popular hospital at Chennai. Had a long discussion with customer about their existing network and budding requirement for wireless. We spoke about how good for a hospital to use wireless. We spoke about how patients who suffered to be in hospital premises drastically will feel better to have some outside connection via Internet. But limited, accounted and secure internet connection should be provided under his doctor’s permission. Guest access and Captive portal are the way to provide these¬†functionality¬†to their gonna-implement wireless infrastructure. Below are summarized points that I have documented from our discussion.

What is Guest access and Captive Portal?

Have you ever been at a free Wi-Fi zone? Have you ever tried to access Wi-Fi service provided in Hotels like Raintree, Lemontree, Hilton, Hyatt?

If you have, then you must have seen a login page like this.
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