Cisco Catalyst 2960-X/2960-XR

This week Cisco Systems Inc, unveiled a new series of switches in its catalyst 2000 line.

Cisco Catalyst 2960X/XR Series Switches

Cisco 2960-X series switches is upgraded version of 2960S series switches are also stackable Gigabit Ethernet switches.  It is equipped with “Flexstack Plus”, a doubled version of Flexstack. Catalyst 2960X supports upto 8 switches in a stack (Only 4 in Flexstack) and 384 ports (48 Ports x 8 switches). Stacking bandwidth is also upgraded to 80 Gbps and Convergence is reduced to 100 milli seconds.
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How to : Port Security in Cisco switches

Cisco Port security is an important feature to most of my customer. Especially Software development companies and BPOs are the constant customer types asking for this feature to restrict devices connecting to their network.

Cisco Port security is to limit the devices that are connecting to the Wired network via switches. This feature checks for MAC address of the device that has just accessed the switch port and verifies whether that device is allowed to connect wired network or not. The wireless equivalent of this feature is MAC address Authentication. The number of addresses the feature accepts is equivalent to the maximum limit of MAC address of the switch.
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Cisco is going away from consumer maket by selling its Linksys unit to Belkin

The Much awaited Sale of Linksys is now happening. Thursday January 24 2013, Belkin announced its intent to acquire Cisco’s Home business unit, Linksys.  Cisco has confirmed this announcement in its blog that company is pleased to preserve Linksys business and create a win-win relationship. Hilton Romanski, Cisco’s VP of Corporate Business Development, said “Linksys has long been an important member of the Cisco family and we are confident that we have found the best buyer in Belkin.”
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Cool tool to get a clear and quick understanding of Cisco commands

Cisco Output interpreter

Cisco Output interpreter

How many times have you been confused by Cisco command output? Have you ever mis-interpreted any information and ran into problems? Have been frustrated about cluttered output of cisco command output in CLI? Ever complained to friends and fellow engineers about clear output format like what other vendors do with web interface. Well most of engineers do. But if you get used to do with CLI commands then its easier for you.For newbie there is a small need. Continue reading

New Product Launches :: Cisco Unified Wireless Network

This week Cisco has added four new products to its Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) Portfolio.

  • Cisco 8500 series WLC
  • Cisco Virtual WLC
  • Cisco 2600 series AP
  • Cisco 1600 series AP

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When configuring bill of materials, some times ago, in Cisco’s Nextgen configuration tool available in commerce workspace, I found a new fiber modules in the option list. Tried to investigate what are those and that leads to the below findings.
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Guest access and Captive portal

Recently I consulted for a wireless case at a popular hospital at Chennai. Had a long discussion with customer about their existing network and budding requirement for wireless. We spoke about how good for a hospital to use wireless. We spoke about how patients who suffered to be in hospital premises drastically will feel better to have some outside connection via Internet. But limited, accounted and secure internet connection should be provided under his doctor’s permission. Guest access and Captive portal are the way to provide these functionality to their gonna-implement wireless infrastructure. Below are summarized points that I have documented from our discussion.

What is Guest access and Captive Portal?

Have you ever been at a free Wi-Fi zone? Have you ever tried to access Wi-Fi service provided in Hotels like Raintree, Lemontree, Hilton, Hyatt?

If you have, then you must have seen a login page like this.
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IEEE 802.11ac specification and Market trends

IEEE 802.11ac Specification and Standards for High Speed wireless

Wifi Alliance

IEEE 802.11ac Task group is in development of Higher throughput rates on 5Ghz band than what now 802.11n achieves now. This is currently under Draft 3.0 [As of First week of August 2012] and expected to matured and ratified out by this year end and would become a common standard somewhere around 2016.
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