Adopt technology or Not : Idea for Argument

Adopting Technolgoy

Last week, at my MBA classes we had a debate topic “Should we adopt modern technology into business”. Just in time xkcd appeared with new comic that can suit to any technology. “White Hat” here giving insight sounding like profound although there is no actual insight, which causes cueball to rethink about the technology and adoption of it into our lives. The sentence is brilliantly constructed in a way that cueball will fill in the missing insights and trigger the reservations about technology. Its useful for any technology debate topic that you participate. What ever the technology may be.


Wikipedia Edit wars

This is what happens when collaborators start their engines to edit wars. Today’s xkcd fun.

Wikipedia Edit wars

Even great article editors get caught in big edit war and started to argue without seeing big picture. Check out some of the pathetic edit wars Continue reading